The Neighbor’s Lawnmower – 1 / 2

It’s Saturday!

Blessed, day off. Time to relax, slow down and enjoy life. Time to count your many blessings.

Time to feel like a king.

Your next door neighbor also loves Saturdays. Especially Saturday mornings. He’s an old man. He likes the simple life. Every Saturday, at exactly 10:00 am, he mows his lawn.

Now, it all would be fine otherwise, but at exactly 10:00 am, you like to take the first sip of your favorite blend of coffee. That blend goes well with the sound of birds in the trees. It tastes even better if the birds perform from the trees in your backyard, right? So much better.

Unfortunately, 10:00 am is dominated by the [loud and] unmistakable “putt-putt” of your neighbor’s lawn-mowing contraption.

He seems very attached to the “thing”. You cannot bring yourself to call it by any other name. He probably purchased it before you were born. The noise coming from it is something out of this world. Something that silences the birds. Something that takes the pleasure out of your morning coffee.

And then one day.

It’s 10:02 Saturday morning, your take your third sip of coffee and you suddenly realize that you can hear birds. For the first time. Coffee and bird songs. It’s beautiful.

By sip number 6, a thought start drilling its way into your brain. Your neighbor’s car is in the driveway. You know he’s at home. You cannot remember him missing a Saturday morning before.

Did something happen?
Is he okay?

This single, this simple thought connects both of you, both your homes. You don’t even have to go to his front porch and ring his bell to check on him to be connected.

The thought itself is enough to completely change the landscape of your relationship.

Anything on top of that is a bonus.

Imagine a neighborhood in which each family harbors one good thought for their next door neighbor.

Imagine a workplace where each one nurtures one good thought for their co-worker, for their employee.

How would the world look then?