Good Stuff

A person needs a library of good material to read / view / listen to.

In case you don’t have one, friends helped me put together a little list to start you off. Only aiming to help you build a healthy, happy life. Not selling you anything.

We need to connect NOW or the human race is extinct very soon.

You don’t need to believe me. Just open your eyes.

Labor pains of a new worldview

Connection Between People Is The Key To Happiness
Interview With Caroline Adams Miller

How Human Connection Can Help Alleviate Anxiety and Fear

We live in a field of connection that binds us together

Common “Flock” Of Humanity

What Causes Environmental Disasters?

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Fading American Dream

Penguin Chicks’ Stand Off Against Predator
BBC Earth

More soon.
For now, enjoy the blog