“Together We Can Move Mountains” on Kickstarter

the project

There is a type of story that I have found to be absent in literature and pop culture in general, to this day: Stories about connection between people and its amazing rewards.

Connecting is the most difficult thing for us humans to achieve and naturally it’s the thing that brings the greatest pay off when we succeed.

Imagine the Avengers kicking ass longer than just the last act of the 2012 movie!

Uplifting and fun tales of overcoming giant obstacles by tapping into the power of nature and reaching a new level as humans.


With this campaign, the first edition of a collection of short contemporary adventure stories: 5.5in x 8.5in 124-page illustrated paperback.

This is an exclusive opportunity to bring home a collector’s treasure: First Printing — The Kickstarter Edition, as well as a few exclusive extra gifts like the T-shirts (up to 3 styles to choose from), the art prints (5 images to choose from).

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