A Gallery of Good Guys

Here is the very first sneak peek into the upcoming “Unified” teaser comic, “Power of Ten”.

These are our good guys. They will change until the first pages are published, but for now, you get a rough idea of the team. I will update this post as they get more defined.

This is a diverse group of men and women, roughly from late twenties to early forties, ranging all kind of complementing skills. What unites them is a desire to do more than just survive in a world where the human race is quickly dying from an adversary that is so much stronger that most people do not see any place for hope anymore.


He is a widower and a father, a quiet and poised guy with strong leadership skills. His main qualities: patience and empathy. He is especially good at motivating the team.


Tall, strong and caring, he started the Security sub-team with three of the strongest. He excels at shielding others from hazardous circumstances.


Tall, strong and quiet, can be a bit mean with adversaries when his friends are in danger. Has no sense of humor whatsoever. But a good listener. He’s seen his share of horror lately.


Small and delicate. Her main expertise is in nutrition. She cares for and feeds the group. She walks around with a radiation meter and a knife (handy for mushrooms, when they’re edible).


The engineer, the mechanic. He fixes things, he repurposes alien technology with the help of Z. Latest objective: convert a ship for the team. Flashy and funny.


Rarely vocal, bossy sometimes, but always willing to put her fearless attitude and motherly instincts at the service of the group. She also has great leadership qualities.


Nerdy and chatty, her technical skills have no equal. A big deal in a world where electricity and internet are a luxury. A major asset in repurposing alien tech. Favorite tool: a laptop hooked up to an alien super battery.


7+’ sumo. Cool and quiet. He will most likely strike first and ask questions later. With Ty, D and T, he is part of the security sub-team. He is perfectly at ease in this job (as it should for a guy that looks like a mountain.)


He is the medic. He almost lost his left eye protecting one of his friends. Luckily, he never goes anywhere alone. T from the security team saved the day.


Former military officer. Strong body and a little bit cold. A competent weapons expert. In part 1 and 2, she carries the group’s only pistol and both bullets.

Their names, in order, “Één”, “Twee”, “Drie”, “Veir”, “Vijf”, “Zes”, “Zeven”, “Acht”, “Negen”, “Tien”. mean “One”, “Two”, “Three”

Initially, the first short was a designed as a quick, rough sketch of a story and I was not planning to give any of those characters a name. But the story kept spreading. Still, I was thinking of sticking with the numbers, at least for the first episodes. Then I added the short nicknames later.

The story takes place after a devastating World War III that wiped out most of the human race, save about a million survivors, and exposed the planet to an easy alien invasion.

What’s left of humans are now being ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated.

I’ll spare you the spoilers.
Stay tuned for more.