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Together We Can Move Mountains -- covers

A glimpse of the contents of the book. Distributed in 3 chapters, going from simple walk in the park, to stressful, crazy and fun level of suspense. Within chapters, some stories are connected.


When The Old Man Speaks

Four young students leverage the power of the team to execute an assignment capable of impressing a very strict and skeptical teacher. Read an early version.

The Only Way Is Up

Mountain climbers experience first hand the power of connection when faced with the harshest weather conditions on the planet. Read an early version.

A New Kind of Subway

Imagine a version of New York where people turn to one another as soon as the train starts pulling away from the station, “So Where are you from?”

As One Man

A team of paramedic demonstrate the glory of proper teamwork in a hellish crisis situation.


Frustrated gamers use learn how to succeed in their favorite action-adventure game against stronger opponents by joining a group that follows different rules.


Aunties and Uncles

Jews in Poland must reach a new level of unity to escape a city under occupation in 1939. They find new life in fighting Nazis.

Bumping against a Wall

The point of view of a murderer trying to rob and harm a family seemingly alone in a park, only to bump into an invisible army surrounding them. Modern day.

Light onto the Nations

Young kids get a taste of history and apply the lesson they learned to escape from a dangerous situation.

How to Move a Mountain

10 Jews struggle to safely lead 20,000 prisoners out of a Nazi concentration camp in WWII.

Army of Five

After decades of working tightly together, a group of elderly men demonstrate they still got it when confronted by a pack of hostile thugs on a basketball court.


We Connect or We Die

Young Jack wakes up one morning to find a messy house, unrecognizable parents. When they try to eat him, he realizes the world had gone to hell. But help comes from the most unlikely source.


A group is forced to split up and increase their effort separately to get back together with a horde of hungry zombies between them.


A young one learns from the example of the adults’ ability to make working together a fun ride amidst the danger of being eaten alive by hundreds zombies surrounding the building they took refuge in.

Five Kids Unlimited

An isolated group of five small kids fight to stay alive when hunted by a hungry pack of zombies all through a rainy and cold night.


After months of a constant fighting to survive, seven men and women become expert at running circles around aggressive zombies.

Organs in a Body

The kid is put in charge of leading the group through his old neighborhood. Numerous zombies are actively searching for them, including his parents.


Through constant effort, a group discovers the way to cause zombies to apparently start avoiding them entirely.